Monday, May 25, 2015

I Gonda Uganda!

This is my Town. Mbale. 

Here is what I've learned so far:

-Uganda must be the most beautiful place in the world. 

 -Uganda has the friendliest children in the world.

-They don't understand why we were running. So they ran with us. 

-The hospital is a scary place. I've already seen things I'll never forget. 

-These parents understand the importance of education, They're building a school from mud because that's all they have. 

-Ugandans are all about having a good time. The local Cafe has Guitar Night every Thursday. SO FUN. 

-Just a reminder that Uganda really is the pretties place in the world. 

-So pretty that I'm just chillin' here behind Sipi Falls. 

-Again, Uganda is the prettiest place. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 AP Portfolio :)








I started by making designs focusing on my fascination with gun metal. I explored different environments to show the contrast in textures. However, because of the political unrest surrounding guns, I decided to switch my designs to focus on motorcycle metal. Instead of using the surroundings to show texture, I decided to see how the different lighting and reflections completely change the appearance of the chrome.

To show the contrast in textures I used fabric, newspaper, and soft skin. For example, in picture 3 I used a crisp mirror reflection versus in picture 4 I used skin and fabric as the background. For the second part of my portfolio picture 7 has a harsh reflection, but by changing the lighting with a similar bike, i can create a painting with a completely different feel as seen in picture 10. I also experimented with cropping to see how the motorcycle parts could make interesting designs. Cropping gave me the opportunity to try different types of balance. Picture 10 has asymmetrical balance, versus 12 has formal symmetrical balance. I was inspired by Banksy's Stained Glass Cathedral picture and started incorporating graffiti in my paintings to fill the negative space. The last 4 pictures in my concentration explore this idea.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

A special thanks to my friends, family, and especially my amazing ceramics teacher for their support during this crazy project.